Running a business can be stressful.  You’ll have a million different things on your mind and sometimes that stress can reach unsustainable levels.  So it’s important to have that release valve that you can go to to release a little steam.  Yeah, every entrepreneur should be working themselves to near death but you need to keep a clear head if you want to be productive.  So here are my 3 favorite things to do to relieve a little stress so I can stay on top of my game when I’m at work.

1. Drink beer and BBQ

I run a craft beer bar, so I obviously love beer.  You’d think with me drinking different craft beers every single day that I’d get tired of it but you’d be dead wrong.  I’ve got to say though, that for a good bbq day you don’t necessarily need a good craft beer.  I actually prefer to grab a few pounders and just throw some meat on the grill.  Just breathe in that smoky goodness, close your eyes, and count your blessings.  This is a manliness essential to livelihood since our cave dwelling ancestors discovered fire.  Drink beer, eat meat, and nap in a hammock.  You’ll feel like a new person the next day guaranteed!

2. Bicycling

Alright, I’ve never been one for the whole tight leotard looking bicycle outfits.  I don’t know the technical term for their weird outfits and I honestly don’t want to know.  If you wear them, I won’t hold it against you, but it just looks extremely uncomfortable.  I like to ride my bike around the city and hit all the coffee shops and bars I can.  It’s a great way to explore the city and find new hidden gems!  Take some friends and make a day out of it.  It’s a great exercise and it’s a lot of fun.

3. Work Outside

Get some yard work done you lazy bum!  I know it sounds weird to say that you should do more work to relieve stress, but to me yard work is allot of fun.  I grew up on a farm and any time I get to go home and do some farm work I get really excited.  Just last week I was wielding a chainsaw like a mad man cutting down unwieldy tree branches.  I went back into work the next day and felt like a freaking lumberjack ready to take on the day.  It’s great to do manual labor outside to forget what all those damn spreadsheets look like for just a little while.


Those are just my favorite things to do and aren’t the only good ways to blow off steam.  I somehow manage to fit beer into all 3 of those activities and I consider it to be almost a necessity to a free day of stress relief.  But it isn’t completely necessary if you’re of the more sober nature.  Just get outside and stop looking at screens for a little bit!  Reconnect with your inner wild animal and get some exercise.  You’ll go back into work and be twice as productive, trust me!