My Story

I’m not a techie, I’m not a genius, I’m probably not even that good of a business owner, I’m just a guy who got lucky and has done some cool shit in my day.  I grew up in a small town in Missouri, played sports, did decent in school, went to college, got an engineering degree, and now I’m a small business owner.

Yeah, that’s obviously a overly simplified version of my life but will give you the gist.  Currently, I own Ruins Pub in Kansas City, MO which is the town’s first self pour bar.  I have a few other projects coming out soon which is why I wanted to start this blog.  I’m not a blogger by any means, but I have a terrible freaking memory and I want to document this stuff.  So if you don’t mind my dumb typos, my severe lack of focus, and my occasional drunken ramblings then read on my friend!

I want to talk about my experiences of running a business, the bar industry, trying to build a startup, travel experiences, and other random things.  I’m an unabashed liberal hippie and I’m not even going to pretend I have an unbiased approach to things.  I read allot, study allot, and re-evaluate myself and my business all the time.  But, I am extremely hard headed and jump to conclusions WAY too fast.  So whatever I write on here, isn’t of any kind of academic report.  These are my words presented in the most accurate way I can possibly do so.

This doesn’t mean what I say sometimes isn’t wrong or completely misguided.  I’m growing and learning everyday which means I’m far from perfect.  This website is me documenting my experiences and ideas even if they are wrong.  So please don’t take what I’m saying as fact.  What I put on here is basically my opinion and what’s going on in my head.  If anyone ever tells you they’re never wrong they are either a pyschopath, a habitual liar, or a complete moron.  I’m wrong allot and I’m proud to own up to my mistakes.  So please bear with me and if you see anything that I say that is completely stupid then please let me know!


I went to school at the Missouri University of Science & Technology in Rolla, MO where I earned a BS in Engineering Management with an emphasis in Industrial Engineering.

I went to high school at Harrisonville Public High School where I majored in getting in trouble and developing minor concussions on the football field.

Past Experiences

I won’t put years on here because I’m getting old and self conscious.

Ruins Pub – My current full time job where I own/run Ruins Pub.

Ford Motor Co – Production supervisor, maintenance supervisor, industrial engineer, and process engineer

Span Packaging – Production supervisor

United Technologies Corporation Fire & Security – Manufacturing engineer intern

Automatic Systems Inc – Drafting engineer intern

Before that I lifeguarded, worked Parks & Rec maintenance, and cut grass.


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