So I’ve been seeing Al Franken allot on the news lately.  Mostly from his scathing interviews of Trump’s extremely awful picks for different executive positions, most notably Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos.  His takedown of Mrs. DeVos was absolutely epic in my humble opinion.  But I kind of hate her, so I may be a little biased.

Franken wrote a book describing his experience in Congress as the Senator from Minnesota.  It chronicled everything from his pre-congressional experiences all the way up to the dreaded Trump election and the GOP’s psychotic attempt at kicking millions of people off of insurance.  He’ll walk you through his experience with his own unique version of story telling.

It was an incredibly informative book when you consider how easy it is to read.  It’s the most cavalier description of the internal workings of a congressman that I’ve ever read.  This type of storytelling made it extremely relatable and didn’t come off as overly stuffy, which I was totally expecting.

It was refreshing to hear a skilled politician speak his mind in such an honest way.  You could tell he wanted to really speak his mind and didn’t want to just come off as a politician.  Coming from a background in comedy and satire it made for the perfect mix between story telling, satire, and information.

What I really liked about the book was to see his progression as a politician.  Which was basically him trying to learn how to not be funny.  It was pretty entertaining and enlightening to see how a politician has to change their behaviors to become “acceptable” as a candidate and to be taken seriously.  He’s obviously a smart guy who’s got his heart in the right place, but he talks in depth about having to restrain his comedic personality so as to bring the level of seriousness required to address the issues that he wanted to take on.

His commitment to helping his state, and the country at large, is extremely admirable.  I hope that a ton of conservatives read this book and see how real politicians should behave.  From his general perspective up to his legislation, Franken has kept his eye on the prize.  The prize obviously being to help people.  He writes of his strong opposition to the conservative right while also talking about his friendship with many of the people on the right.  I truly hope more politicians read this and see that you can disagree with your friends.  That the only thing you should truly be outraged by is misinformation.

So if your a politician you need to read this book!  If your thinking about being a politician then you need to read this book!  If you want some entertaining and inspirational reading material, then you should read this book!  I thought it was great and I hope he keeps writing.  I’m gonna have to go back and read his older book, “Lies and the Lying Liars to Tell Them” now!

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